Breaking the Intranet Paradigm

In the world of intranets, as such with other business technology, change happens fast. Intranets used to be predictable and provide static content with long-term planning. As the workplace changes, so too has the intranet paradigm. Intranets are always evolving and changing. Today they have become much more dynamic. Employees want accessibility, freedom of choice and simplicity with their intranet. Employers are looking to create more value with their intranet by promoting collaboration, learning, innovation and building relationships.

intranet paradigm

The Changing Workplace

Structure-based work (processes, routines, manuals etc.) are being replaced by more Knowledge-based work (research, problem-solving, relationships.) This promotes a more collaborative and informed work culture and changes the employee from being a Structured Worker to being a Knowledge worker. A Knowledge worker is not just able to find the most up to date information, but also is engaged with new content, sharing content and contribute to others.

Communication lacks more when employees are farther apart. There is a direct correlation with distance to frequency of communication (Tom Allen, MIT, 1977.) If there is 60ft or more separation from employees, less than 5% communicate once per week. Having a central location to communicate and collaborate with co-workers is important to help bridge this gap and promote the cross from Structure Worker to Knowledge Worker.

If your company is using an outdated, static intranet, it’s likely that it’s not being used on a daily basis. 71% agree that it is easier to locate “knowledge” on the web than to find it within their internal systems (AIIM Industry Watch Collaboration and Enterprise 2.0, 2009.) The same organization also states that the top 3 needs that is driving the rise of the Social Intranet are: better use of shared knowledge, increased collaboration and faster communication. Previously a few would produce content, and the majority would consume. Now they both produce & consume knowledge and information.

So now that the “intranet” has evolved into this collision of employees contributing, sharing and engaging content and information. Is it time for your own business to evolve with this intranet paradigm? Discuss how your company can make your employees true Knowledge-based workers with a Noodle Advisor by scheduling a demonstration.

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