Traditional Vs Modern Intranets

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Let’s dive into the differences between traditional and modern intranets. The most significant different between the two is that amount of functionality, with modern intranets offering far greater and more wide ranging applications. The traditional model of intranets, typically had upper management creating content and messaging to go out to the organization’s employees, with little … Read more

What Is An Intranet And Why Do You Need It?

Traditionally an intranet was a network that connected organizations and primarily enabled internal communications. In it’s first inception was it typically used to push down communications from upper management. Modern intranets have evolved to incorporate more social aspects and allow communication and collaboration from multiple stakeholders across the organizational hierarchy. It also previously acted mostly … Read more

Intranet Best Practices: Setting Up Your Digital Workplace: Part 2

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As promised following our last post on Setting Up Your Digital Workplace, this week we will continue with part two and focus on adding iFrame widgets and external links to your profile. How To Add iFrames To Your Digital Workplace iFrame Widgets are commonly published by different applications to allow you to embed that application, … Read more

Intranet Best Practices: Setting Up Your Digital Workplace Part 1

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Our last blog post covered how to create and manage portlets for quick access to your most relevant information. Today, we’re going to look at setting up your digital workplace by creating application instances within your Employee Profile in Noodle. This could act as a place to create and edit documents before they see the light … Read more