Noodle Glossary of Terms

Sections – A section is the first level of the navigation.  Applications are built within sections.  Sections are typically named after departments, projects or company initiatives. 

Sections default view is Portal.  Portal view will show you all the Widgets that have been added to that section.  

Apps view will show you all the applications that have been added inside that particular section. 

Applications – An application within Noodle has specific functionality.  For example, a folder application holds files & documents.  Applications are added within sections.  

Widgets – Widgets can show a dynamic summary of an application or show static information.  For example a Calendar Widget can show the next weeks events.  Widgets can be added to Sections, Pages & Profiles.  

Icon Bar – The icon bar gives users access to system wide applications.  Profile, Search, Activity, People, Messages, Deleted Items and Logout are located within the icon bar. 

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