Franchise Intranet Case Study: Taco John’s


Founded in Cheyenne, Wyoming, Taco John’s is one of the leading Mexican fast food chains in North America. The quality of food is what makes this company extremely competitive in its market.

The Challenges

As a quick-serve food chain, Taco John’s was undergoing all of the challenges a growing business normally experiences. Like many other businesses of its type, Taco John’s relied very much on paper-based and email communications for collaboration efforts with franchises, and within franchises for employees. The costs associated with paper-based communication systems, not to mention their inefficiency, had Taco John’s searching for a more productive and less expensive way to share information.

Seeking a Solution

Jim Creel, Director of Technology for Taco John’s set out to find an effective means for the growing restaurant to communicate. Noodle impressed Creel because of its reasonable pricing, functionality, and its ease of use.

The experience of getting and deploying Noodle was positive because it was both quick and easy. Upon implementing the Intranet system, Taco John’s immediately experienced a significant reduction in costs and an increase in efficiency. Creel explains that, “The team was able to get oriented with the Intranet immediately-within two days the system was fully integrated for its intended use”.

Currently, Taco John’s uses Noodle everyday by franchisees, and sees it fitting well into the company’s future business plans; they intend to continue to use Noodle in the future as the business continues to expand.

Pulling Franchises Together

Taco John’s uses Noodle as a medium through which to share information with its franchisees. Its most important use is in the process of sharing important company information that is vital to the success of the franchise, and the company as a whole. With the use of the Intranet, franchisees have easy access to the recipes of, and instructions on how to properly make, each menu item. Every time a new menu item is released, that recipe becomes immediately accessible through the Web on the Intranet. In addition to recipes and instructions, franchise manuals and monthly newsletters are also some of the items appearing on the corporate Intranet that have increased company-wide efficiency.

The Intranet has also become a valuable medium for the online testing and training of its franchise employees. Such tests evaluate employee knowledge of cooking instructions and new product information. Having the tests online not only avoids paper waste, but also saves time both for the franchisee and for the company as a whole.

The Bottom Line

Taco John’s found Noodle to be a timely solution for the needs of this rapidly growing food chain. The Intranet solution has greatly improved the company’s communication and collaboration abilities, and information sharing is a straightforward task. The processes of providing franchises with company-wide instructions, as well as proficiency testing, have become streamlined and easily executable.

Visit Taco John’s at: tacojohns

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