How to Upgrade Noodle

  1. Check you are not already using a current version.
  2. Backup
  3. Upgrade Java
  4. Login to your Noodle as the ‘admin’ user and press the upgrade button in System Tools > Settings > General > License.

Version specifics

  • If upgrading from Noodle 6.7.13 (2009-07-24) or before and using Microsoft SQL Server,
    • upgrade to at least Microsoft SQL Server 2012 first.
  • If upgrading from Noodle 7.08.20 (2021-06-22) or before
    • and using Linux
      • restart the service after the upgrade
    • and using Windows
      • move are replace intranet.bat_new to intranet.bat
      • move enhydra/ to Backup*/
      • restart the service after the upgrade


  • Major updates, are announced in the newsletter.
  • The LTS branch changes annually.
  • The release branch changes monthly.
  • Changes to the 2nd part of the version number indicates the database schema has changed.
  • Custom scripts and CSS should be verified to be working after each upgrade.
  • Every version can upgrade from every past version.
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