Noodle Intranet Tips

26 Helpful tips to get the most from your Intranet.

  1. End users can sometimes get overwhelmed if you add too many applications. When first launching your new Intranet try just adding the essentials, then add more as engagement increases.
  2. The most popular portlets are Blogs and Folders. We recommend using Posters portlets to add a splash of color or photo to add some visual interest up the portal page.
  3. When first starting out, we recommend you only add a small group of users. After the navigation is built with some content you can import your entire company.
  4. We recommend trying both Top and Side navigation options as it really impacts the way your users consume content.
  5. We recommend not using too many colours as it can make the site look too busy and your end users will not enjoy the experience.
  6. When creating blog posts, be sure to select a thumbnail image. Thumbnail images help you build user engagement and increase pageviews.
  7. Users can personalize their own preference in their profile. Edit your profile to choose your time/date format, editor, preferred home page, Activity Feed settings and much more.
  8. Users can edit their profile to select to use Favorites. Favorites will be a new tab they can customize with shortcuts to folders and apps.
  9. Did you know you can copy and paste an Excel sheet into the Noodle editor? This is an easy way to copy and digitize your Excel sheets. You can also embed a live Excel file in a frame anywhere in a Page/Portlet.
  10. Sections vs. Pages: Use a Section to add a new Header/Title to store and organize your content in the main navigation. Pages can be used like Sub-Sections that will branch out to sub-content that sits inside of a Section. A Section is always top level.
  11. Not getting the search results you expect? Adjust your Search filters in the General Settings of System Tools. You can also add keywords in content to improve search results or try an Advanced search to add specific search criteria.
  12. Route and Approve can be relabelled to Move/Archive, Like/Read, respectfully, in the Theme settings.
  13. The Route permission allows the User/Group to move/archive an item to another app/folder.
  14. Did you know you can change the order of apps in Top Navigation by going to the Section/Pages properties? You can move the apps up and down or automatically have Noodle sort the apps A-Z.
  15. Portlets can be created from the Create Application screen at the same time as creating the app, and vice versa. You can add a Portlet to a page and have it create the app in the Section.
  16. Try to minimize scrolling by utilizing multiple columns for content and using sub pages/folders. This makes sure content doesn’t get missed because it is too far down a page.
  17. All of Noodles icons can be customized, individually or as the default for apps.
  18. Blogs can be created using the Noodle editors for traditional blog posts. Or you can use the Blog application as a social chat feed by changing the preference in the Administration settings of the Blog.
  19. External links and pages that do not open in the Noodle frame are either unsecured (HTTP instead of HTTPS) or the source site you are targeting does not allow their site to be opened in a third party site.
  20. Make your intranet more secure by adding Password Complexity in the Noodle Security page. You can add requirements for characters, password expiry and more.
  21. We recommend backing up your Theme prior to making changes in the “Presets” tab of the Theme settings.
  22. Viewing the Administration settings of each app gives you a good view of additional features and options are available to admins.
  23. Chat can be turned off in the Applications page or can be limited to a specific group if you want to limit who has access to the Noodle IM Chat.
  24. Want to build a page or app but do not want to publish it yet? Remove the “Read” access from users to keep it hidden while you work on changes or updates.
  25. When using Top Navigation view, you can make the width of the navigation bar and body of content wider in the Theme General settings.
  26. Use widgets and scripts from other websites to automatically update information and content to keep things fresh in between your usual updates.
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