Assign Tasks with Noodle Intranet Calendar [Video]

One of our clients recently asked how they can assign tasks with deadlines in Noodle intranet. While Noodle intranet software does have a Task Application, it’s bare-bones and doesn’t link to calendars. The easy work-around is to use Noodle’s Calendar Application to assign tasks with deadlines. With the Calendar Application, you can notify people about … Read more

Change the Order of Intranet Sections and Applications [Video]

It’s easy to organize content the way you want in Noodle intranet. If you don’t do anything, Noodle will arrange applications and sections alphabetically. However, you can easily override this and change the order of sections and applications. Watch this video to see how:   If you have questions about this video, post them in … Read more

Noodle Intranet’s Template User [Video]

If you need to manually add many intranet users, some of whom share the same contact information or settings, then use the Template User feature of Noodle intranet. Template Users make adding users a lot faster and easier, because you won’t need to do the settings or type the data for each one. The Template User will automatically add these for you.

Watch this video to see how Template User works:

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Add Notes & Attachments to Calendar Events [Video]

Add meeting agenda, reference material, background information, and other relevant content to your intranet calendar events by using Notes and Attachments. Watch the video to see how you can do this in Noodle intranet:

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Make an Intranet Survey Page in Noodle [Video]

For quick, one-question polls, Noodle’s Poll Portlet does the job. However, if you have a series of questions, you can still use the Poll Portlet, but within a Page Application. Confused? Watch this video to find out how: Post your questions below.