Intranet Contest: Why Not?

If you want to get staff more involved and engaged in the intranet, then an intranet contest could be an excellent idea.

Contests are motivating and fun. By participating in a contest, staff can also learn more about how to use certain features of the intranet. On top of that, contests are quite easy to implement.

Here are a few ideas for weird and wacky intranet contests:

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When Video IS The Answer To Your Communication Problem

Recently, the good folks over at Intranetizen published a post saying, “video is not the answer to your communication problem.”

I respectfully disagreed, and that has inspired this post, in which I talk about when video is the best answer to an internal communication problem.

Video is often a more effective communication tool than text or audio alone. Dr. John Medina, author of Brain Rules, says “Vision trumps all other senses.” Video combines vision with audio, making it the most powerful communication medium.

This could be why video is increasingly being used in the enterprise, especially for training and benefits communication.

Below, I talk about common communication problems in the workplace, and why video can best address these problems.

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How to Create A Wellness Portal on Your Intranet

Bad health is bad for business.

According to a recent study,¬†employees’ medical expenditures already eat up 50 percent or more of company profits.

Add to that the cost of absenteeism and loss of productivity due to illness. The clear takeaway is this: companies can no longer afford to ignore their employees’ health.

Your company intranet can play a big role in promoting health and wellness among your staff. In this post, I’m going to share my thoughts on how you can easily and quickly create a wellness portal page on your intranet.

Suggested Applications for Your Intranet Wellness Portal

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Noodle Intranet In Vendor Scanner

Noodle intranet software was recently included in Social Enterprise Times’ Vendor Scanner 2013. It was both fun and challenging to answer their questions, mainly because I’ve never been asked some of them before. You know, questions like “How can I get my data out at the end of our relationship?” Social Enterprise Times is a … Read more

Tag Co-Workers in Your Intranet [Video]

Noodle intranet lets you identify specific users as your co-workers. This allows you to filter certain types of content so that you only see content created or modified by your co-workers. Watch the video below to learn how to use the co-worker feature of Noodle intranet:


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Change the Order of Intranet Sections and Applications [Video]

It’s easy to organize content the way you want in Noodle intranet. If you don’t do anything, Noodle will arrange applications and sections alphabetically. However, you can easily override this and change the order of sections and applications. Watch this video to see how:   If you have questions about this video, post them in … Read more