Marketing with Noodle via CRM Databases

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You’ve likely heard a lot of the business software lingo thrown around in the office. Acronyms like CRM, HRM, or ERP or buzzwords like portal, document management, or project management. Today these categories often overlap as they try to be an all-encompassing solution for business. In our next series of posts, we’ll talk about some … Read more

Adding Media to Noodle

There are several ways to incorporate Media, such as Photos and Videos, into your Noodle intranet site. Whether you want to keep an album of company photos, display training videos, or to add images to your portliest or blogs, it’s easy to do with Noodle. Adding images and video to your site can, not only … Read more

Noodle Wins ITEXPO Award



TMC selects Vialect Inc. as a top innovator on the ITEXPO Anaheim show floor

The Noodle Team had a blast at the 2015 ITEXPO in Anaheim, California. It was a nice sunny escape from the incoming Canadian autumn. It was also such a pleasure to meet with the other vendors and people attending the exhibition. There were many exciting products and services to see, and it seemed like everyone was having a little fun. Even Darth Vader was part of the action at one booth.

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Kanban and Noodle’s Task Manager

Whiteboards have always been (and still are) very popular for project planning. Having a visual look at the outline of your project is invaluable for proper execution and completion of the project. From marketing to human resources to engineering, having a visual project area is crucial to meeting goals and deadlines. The only problem with … Read more

Effective Alternatives to Outlook


With the growing popularity of the Social Intranet thanks to products like Noodle, old business production suites are becoming a thing of the past. Outlook has all the features you want, but it but it’s not a very user-friendly utility.

Long time users of Outlook may have trouble finding certain items and menus in newer versions of the product. Not many sort or search capabilities. Lack of support for non-Windows systems. Not mobile friendly. Outlooks role in the office is rapidly being replaced but much more versatile out of the box solutions.

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5 Practices That Date Your Intranet

Does your company intranet look contemporary? Or does it look like a website from the ’80s?

It may not seem like a big deal, but the overall look and feel of your intranet can affect staff members’ motivation to use it and their subsequent satisfaction with the intranet.

Below are some common practices that can make your intranet look outdated. More importantly, these can interfere with the efficiency and effectiveness of your intranet. Does your intranet have any of them?

5 Intranet Practices To Abandon — Now

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Scheduling in Noodle Intranet Calendar [Video]

By properly labeling your events in Noodle intranet calendar, you can easily find a common free time to schedule a meeting or appointment with your colleagues. Watch this video to learn how to label your events as either Free, Busy, Tentative, or Out of the Office:

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Before You Attach That Document”¦.

When you want to share a document with your colleagues, is your first compulsion to send it as an email attachment?

In this post, I’m going to try to convince you to stop doing that.

The Problem with Email Attachments

The problem with sharing files by emailing them as an attachment is that it’s neither effective nor efficient.

First off, all those file attachments are going to hog the memory of your server. Just ask your IT team; they’ll agree.

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