The Best of Noodle Blog in 2013

We’re wrapping up the year with a roundup of the most popular blog posts for 2013:

1. Naming Your Intranet: Some Examples To Get You Started

Many of you were interested in finding ideas to name your intranet. This post gives plenty of triggers for brainstorming intranet names.

2. How to Re-engage Your Employees with the Intranet

Employee engagement was a hot topic in 2013. This post shows the intranet plays a key role in getting and keeping employees engaged.

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Meet the Juicebox: CWD’s Social Intranet


When CWD began looking for intranet software, they wanted what most companies do.

First, a centralized portal for various types of information for staff. These included announcements, promotions, new hires, instruction manuals, and photos. They also wanted a shared calendar for out-of-office and other activities.

Another goal for CWD was to reduce emails about internal announcements and product updates. Finally, they wanted an online board, where they could display staff accomplishments for peer recognition.

CWD (Circus World Display Limited) is a Niagara Falls-based Canadian company that designs, manufactures, and markets consumer electronics in North America. With about 100 employees, its products are sold worldwide through merchants, retailers, and warehouse clubs, as well as through direct response TV, mail order catalogues, and online distributors.

CWD considered many software in their search for a cloud-based intranet. They passed over some because of the cost. Others that were affordable did not have all the features they were looking for. Finally, they discovered Noodle intranet software through the Intranet Roadmap website, and decided to go with it. “It’s affordable, surprisingly feature-rich, and simple to set up,” says Allen Hernandez, CWD’s Junior Network Administrator.

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7 Questions to Ask Before Launching Your Intranet

Sign on a question on a smooth surface.

Launching your intranet can be a nerve-wracking experience. In fact, it can be just as challenging than setting up the intranet itself.

A well-planned intranet launch is half the battle won. To help you in the planning stage, here are 7 questions to ask yourself:

1. What resources do you have for the launch?

Take a look at the budget, time, and workforce available to you. Don’t settle for crumbs in your organization. Let management know, if they want good user adoption of the intranet, they must invest in its launch. If you’re short on manpower, get other departments involved.

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Intranet: Ready, Set, Launch!

Intranet Solutions Launch Spaceship Takeoff image

Intranet Launch Tips & Ideas

You’ve done your homework — studied users to death, created tons of content, and made sure everything works. And now, it’s time to actually open the doors of your company intranet. Hello, it’s launch time!

Before you get a panic attack, sit down and review some of your goals for launching the intranet. I’m guessing you want to accomplish at least these three things:

  • make staff aware that the company now has an intranet (or a new, improved one)
  • motivate employees to actually use the intranet
  • gather intelligence about how to improve the intranet

Now that we’re clear on what we want to accomplish, let’s take a look at what many companies have done to achieve similar goals:

What’s the Buzz, Tell Me What’s A-happenin’?

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