Intranet: Ready, Set, Launch!

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Intranet Launch Tips & Ideas

You’ve done your homework — studied users to death, created tons of content, and made sure everything works. And now, it’s time to actually open the doors of your company intranet. Hello, it’s launch time!

Before you get a panic attack, sit down and review some of your goals for launching the intranet. I’m guessing you want to accomplish at least these three things:

  • make staff aware that the company now has an intranet (or a new, improved one)
  • motivate employees to actually use the intranet
  • gather intelligence about how to improve the intranet

Now that we’re clear on what we want to accomplish, let’s take a look at what many companies have done to achieve similar goals:

What’s the Buzz, Tell Me What’s A-happenin’?

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