6 Summer Vacation Ideas For Your Intranet

For some businesses, the summer months are a little bit slower and employees take more vacations. During this time, your intranet may lack participation and updates. But keeping your intranet *hot* during the summer helps keep those employees engaged instead of daydreaming staring out the window wishing they were still on that cruise. We are going to look at a few ideas for your intranet that can keep things fun and fresh. Also we will provide some tips on how to clean up your intranet to prepare for the busier months ahead.

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Happy Halloween from Team Noodle

With many holidays right around the corner we thought this month would be a great time to address decorating your intranet. Many enjoy bringing in carved pumpkins, bowls of treats, and scary masks into the office around Halloween. The fun doesn’t have to stop there, it can be incorporated into your intranet as well. We have added a couple of sample-themes/screenshots but the possibilities are endless

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Naming Your Intranet: Part 2

In Part 1 of Naming Your Intranet we went over five different types of intranet names.

1. Words that signify the goals/vision of your intranet
2. Company name + vision word
3. Famous characters
4. Acronyms with double meaning
5. Words with special meaning

If you haven’t had a chance to read “Naming Your Intranet: Part 1” please click on the link below to check it out.


Naming your intranet is one aspect of a successful intranet that companies often overlook. Choosing the right name for your intranet can have a significant impact on employee’s first impressions and attitudes towards the overall experience. Try to incorporate company culture and/or branding into your intranets name, even include a slogan or tagline if possible.

Ex. Our company intranet here at Vialect is simply called “Our Noodle”, and a common phrase around the office is…

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What Are The Top 3 Things Your Intranet May Be Missing?

1.  Micro Blogging / Status Updates

Most of us have sent a text message before. It’s a very easy way to deliver a message to one or more people. Status updates are very similar in the way that they are easy to post and simple for other users to read. Whats great about status updates is they go beyond a simple message, they can include links to videos, they can include photos, you can even get feedback from several users with comments and our like button.

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Weird and Wacky Intranet Contests

This week we’re celebrating Weird Contest Week. You still have time to think of one and implement it before the week ends. “Weird and wacky” covers whatever is unusual, funny, or strange. These contests will help increase activity in your intranet, provide opportunities for staff to know each other better, and relieve office stress. If … Read more

Tom Brokaw Explains Canada To Americans

Tom Brokaw is a class act As a Canadian we understand the relationship but it nice to see it summed up in this wonderful video by Tom Brokaw. “Geography has Made us Neighbors History has made us friends. Economics has Made us Partners and Necessity has made us allies” President Kennedy