Single Sign-On Is Here

We are happy to announce a new Noodle feature for both our cloud and on-premise options: Single Sign-On (SSO). Our Noodle team is always striving to incorporate our customers’ feedback and give them the ability to be more productive and engaged with our intranet software. This feature has been requested time and time again by … Read more

Sections and Applications

Noodle Intranet Tutorial Sections and Applications

So, you’ve just logged into your new Noodle intranet portal, and want to know where to start? We suggest starting by building your site structure with sections and applications. In this post, we’ll go over how to do that. Let’s get started. When you first log into your Noodle site, you will be greeted with … Read more

How to Add a News Box on Your Intranet Homepage [Video]

Would you like to add a news box on your intranet homepage? If you use Noodle intranet software, you have a few choices for doing so. Watch the video to see two options: Related Videos: