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What Is An Intranet And Why Do You Need It?

Traditionally an intranet was a network that connected organizations and primarily enabled internal communications. In it’s first inception was it typically used to push down communications from upper management. Modern intranets have evolved to incorporate more social aspects and allow communication and collaboration from multiple stakeholders across the organizational hierarchy. It also previously acted mostly … Read more

Intranet Best Practices: Managing Portlets

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Last week we wrote about the most important feature of portal software; its relevance to the user. This week, we’ll take a look at Noodle intranet best practices for creating and managing portlets so you can make your intranet relevant to you at every turn. But first, what are portlets? What are portlets? As you may know, … Read more

Portal Software: What are the most important features?

Evaluating Portal Software We are all familiar with portal software. Particularly, the login screen. We see these gateways daily, and login, without a thought, to whatever application we are planning on using. Whether that’s a social application like Facebook, or a work email client. So what are the most important features of portal software? When … Read more

Human Resource Management (HRM) with Noodle

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Continuing from our last post, Marketing with Noodle via CRM Databases, we will breakdown some common business software lingo. Today we will explore features of Human Resource Management (HRM) software and Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS). Also we’ll take a look at how Noodle can help with these functions. What Is HRM And Why Do I Need It? Human … Read more

Marketing with Noodle via CRM Databases

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You’ve likely heard a lot of the business software lingo thrown around in the office. Acronyms like CRM, HRM, or ERP or buzzwords like portal, document management, or project management. Today these categories often overlap as they try to be an all-encompassing solution for business. In our next series of posts, we’ll talk about some … Read more