Author name: Chad S

Intranet Training 101

A lot of time is spent on planning and designing your intranet, however intranet training is also an important aspect to a successful intranet rollout. You may have held some internal meetings, completed several demonstrations with different vendors and evaluated many options. Now you have committed to an intranet platform and are ready to launch!

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Breaking the Intranet Paradigm

In the world of intranets, as such with other business technology, change happens fast. Intranets used to be predictable and provide static content with long-term planning. As the workplace changes, so too has the intranet paradigm. Intranets are always evolving and changing. Today they have become much more dynamic. Employees want accessibility, freedom of choice

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Cost of an Intranet

It can be self-evident that improving communication and collaboration in your workplace can provide a significant return on investment. Introducing more efficient and organized ways of sharing information and working together not only saves time, but outputs better results. Getting your management team to understand this is crucial. In many cases, choosing a software to

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